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The House of Goossens, the “Parurier” of high fashion deeply rooted in a solid legacy, has endowed its own line with unique character. This couture jewelry is both spectacular and sculptural, addressing assertively feminine women who cultivate their differences and originality.
Like its founder, Robert Goossens, these jewels are boldly modern, on the edge between art and goldsmithing, the merger of the soul of an artist with the hands of an artisan.
Inherited from the historical affinity between Robert Goossens and Gabrielle Chanel is a spirit of mischievousness, a desire to play with the codes of preciousness, and constantly pushing the limits of creation with an unexpected mix of forms and materials, of both noble and rough materials.
Metal dipped in a bath of gold is adorned with fine stones and blended with wood, pearl or marble. Made by hand, hammered, patinated and ornamented with natural stones and their irregular reflections, Goossens jewelry is subtly nuanced in a way that makes each piece unique, as unique as the woman wearing it.

Goossens Paris


« Our creation is rooted in our freedom of tone, of expression, and in the fact that we were able to confer to our classic training the flourish of fantasy »




Le savoir-faire

Years of expertise and a relentless pursuit of excellence: founded in 1950, the goldsmith Goossens has melted the precious dreams of Couture designers into gold, bronze or silver and transformed them into exceptional jewelry and ornaments.
From an early age, Robert Goossens was introduced to metal crafting by his father, who owned a foundry in the Marais in Paris. His first steps as an apprentice led him to the workshops of the great Parisian silversmiths and jewelers, where he learned the art of jewelry in all its forms.
Gabrielle Chanel, who met him for the first time in 1953, quickly made him one of her official suppliers, captivated by his ability to reinterpret jewelry inspired by antiquity, by Byzantium or Egypt.
Goossens’ reputation spread like a golden wildfire: Balenciaga, Grès, Rochas, then Yves Saint Laurent gave him orders for totally surrealistic jewelry and cutting-edge accessories. Then Guerlain, Marc Bohan for Dior, Jean-Louis Scherrer and Sonia Rykiel in turn asked him for jewelry and perfume bottles.
Absolute precision, intricate workmanship, perfect proportions – these are the distinguishing features of the well-made object and the hallmark of the Goossens approach.
Perpetuating this know-how and the renown of Goossens is now the mission of Patrick, the founder’s son.


« The ultimate touchstone for goldsmithing, Goossens has become a model and an inspiration. »


Though the House he established in the 1950s is famous for jewelry and accessories made of bronze, brass and rock crystal, it has never ceased to expand its scope of expression. And particularly in the world of decoration. From the very start, the young craftsman mixed the worlds of jewelry and decoration, and his different employers and clients enabled him to craft both adornments and objects such as lighters or jewelry boxes.
If Mademoiselle Chanel nudged him into the creative corner of fashion, she was also the one who inspired him to develop his taste for decoration and furniture. To the point where, in 1972, a department of decoration was officially created within the House of Goossens. Chanel was the first, of course, for whom he created the initial Goossens objects: mirrors, chandeliers and tables – including the famous wheat sheaf table he designed for her, and which he also made for Yves Saint Laurent in gilded bronze, a bouquet of rock crystal flowers as well as a crystall ball on a pedestal with three lions, still to be seen in the apartments at Rue Cambon.
In 1995, the interior architect Peter Marino called upon the goldsmith’s talents, ordering various mirrors, lights and scenery for his sites which included the Chanel boutiques. Since then, the House of Goossens has worked hand in hand with Peter Marino to decorate the Chanel boutiques with spectacular and always unique chandeliers.

It is possible to create chandeliers and other creations as lamps and furniture, on demand.

Goossens Paris