Venise headband

Goossens has always been inspired by antique and Byzantine jewelry. The Venise collection, fine and delicate, reminds us of the Venetian ornaments and refinements of the time.It magnifies the House’s favorite stones : natural rock crystal and freshwater pearls, together with mother-of-pearls and turquoise. Venice, the ultimate romantic city, is the ideal inspiration for the House’s very first bridal jewels. It is also the occasion to create hair accessories and magnify yet another part of the woman’s body. For once-in-a-lifetime moments, or any special occasion. Headband in brass, soaked in a gold bath, with natural rock crystal and mother-of-pearls. It is advisable to wear this headband with the Goossens inscription (located on the inside) on your left.

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Yellow Gold

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Brass soaked in a gold bath and mother-of-pearls


• Product reference: GOOP23HC04YG01

Logo engraved at the back