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Harumi & Goossens
mistletoe bracelet

Designed by Harumi Klossowska de Rola x Goossens. The presence of strong symbolic elements relating to two main themes : Gui and Grenade. The mistletoe, a sacred plant that evokes immortality, well as prosperity. The grenade, a fruit that is sacred in all civilizations, synonymous with resurrection, fertility and life. Bracelet in brass soaked in a 24-carat gold bath, yellow gold color, adorned with natural rock crystal pearls. Diameter : 5,5cm

Unique size


Natural rock crystal

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Antique Gold


• Product reference: GOHARBA004AG-CRN

Logo engraved inside the bracelet. The crystal’s natural inclusions make each piece unique. All the stones are specially cut by hand for the House of Goossens.

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