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lion ring

Designed by Harumi Klossowska de Rola x Goossens. Based around the lion and the snake, three lines of jewellery, all in 24-carat gilded brass, make up this unique, intense and precious collection. The lion, a recurring object of fascination in the respective works of Harumi and the House of Goossens, reigns majestically. Ring in brass soaked in a bath of 24-carat gold bath, yellow gold color, with a freshwater pearl. The Lion's mane is patinated by hand


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White pearl

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Yellow gold


• Product reference: GOH13BA005YG-ANO

Snap clasp hidden under the central motif and safety chain Logo engraved at the back of the clover All the stones are specially cut by hand for the House of Goossens. The model is also wearing the Trefle necklace, the Trefle earrings and two Trefle rings