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Couture chandelier

Designed by Goossens Paris and architect and decorator Anne-Sophie Pailleret, the Couture chandelier is a bespoke and unique piece. The draped surface, one of Anne-Sophie Pailleret's favorite themes, has been developped with the textile folding expertise of Maison Lognon while Goossens instigated the innovative lighting system enhancing the natural beauty of the rock crystal stones, signature of the Maison Goossens. The light goes through the stones and allows everyone to discover the interior of the chandelier. Price upon request.

Unique size


Brass soaked in a yellow gold bath


• Product reference: GOOP18LU01YG01

The crystal's natural inclusions make each piece unique. All the stones are cut by hand, especially for the House of Goossens. H124 cm (including 47 cm chain) D76 cm, 24 kg LED Light