New collections

New collections


Like a christening medal that proclaims our being. Like a radiant future that skips round our necks. Like a time-honoured symbol that shelters us. Like the glorious links of our never-ending dreams.


Like a toy straight out of a child’s imagination. Like the tangy-hued erasers in the pencil case of a future artist. Like nature’s own stained-glass window. Like marbles, full of freedom.

Harumi Klossowska de Rola

Jewellery designed by the jewellery artist Harumi Klossowska from Rola and Goossens. The lion and the snake, recurring objects of fascination in the respective works of Harumi and the Goossens House, reign here in majesty.​

Tribute to Robert Goossens

The House revisits the iconic themes of its founder, Robert Goossens: coral, shell, foliage and waterlilies. As a tribute.​

Mini Cabochons

Like the barcode to a good mood. Like a happy necklace placed as a gift in the palm of your hand. Like the newest arrival in a family, fawned over by all. Like little nuggets of optimism to say how we see life.