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Harumi x Goossens

Harumi x Goossens

A collection with Harumi

After having celebrated the beauty of nature in a first capsule collection, the House of Goossens and jewellery artist Harumi Klossowska de Rola are at it again. For this second chapter, the master goldsmith, which joined the House of Chanel’s Métiers d’art in 2005, and the designer tamed the animal world. A powerful and abundant source of inspiration, here animals are treated like totems in a baroque yet utterly contemporary spirit.

Based around the lion and the snake, three lines of jewellery, all in 24-carat gilded brass, make up this unique, intense and precious collection.

© Antoni Ciufo

Lion & Snake

First comes the lion, a recurring object of fascination in the respective works of Harumi and the House of Goossens, here he reigns majestically. On a ring, the feline hangs his head and his generous mane composed of tiny rice-shaped pearls. Imposing earrings show the animal in profile. His eyes in rock crystal – Goossen’s favourite mineral – sparkle while his golden fleece tumbles into the hollow of the neck of those who wear him. Added to this is a sculptural cuff bracelet and a roaring brooch showing the king of the jungle with a snake in his mouth.

As for the snake, the master of wisdom and science, it coils around large hoop earrings with its body in the shape of a heart. The heart beats once again on an imposing and chunky necklace. Another version of the reptile, head hanging downwards, is attached to the links of a sautoir necklace. A solid bracelet worn pressed against the wrist sees the body of the reptile rolled up with its head eating its tail. 

Finally, four rings that are intended for men but likely to be appropriated by more daring women, complete this bestiary. These designs are inspired by antique jewellery as worn by the Romans, but also the androgynous heraldry of signet rings.

In total, twelve rich and precise pieces, all witnesses to the unique savoir-faire and the extraordinary personalities of these two artisan-artists.